Preliminary thoughts on the religions of Djapar

OK, here are my preliminary ideas on the religions of Djapar.

The red region A, is going to be something along the lines of Zoroastrianism, keeping with the Persian theme, so a dualistic (or maybe trialistic if i can figure a way to make that work – so as to mesh with the basic D&D lawful/neutral/chaotic model. i am thinking of something maybe like the old 2nd edition dragon thing with Bahamut, Sardior, and Tiamat, maybe let the deities be dragons, or maybe rewrite them as something else. I am personally liking the idea of divine twins (or triplets) contending for control of the world.

Preliminary religious divisions of Djapar
Preliminary religious divisions of Djapar

The orange region (B/C) is a bit of a toss up. I am thinking it is an area where both the A religion and the D religion are contending, perhaps with some sort of highly syncretistic native religion (like the Roman one which basically accepts all gods). So at the moment, this is the area where any real religious conflict would occur.

The yellow region D, I see as either a very philosophical detached sort of religion (kind of like the more esoteric brahmanistic Hinduism), or maybe a very war-god centered cult (to sort of fit into the Rajput warrior society). i would try to make it both, and more (just as hinduism is all that and more), however that is extremely difficult to do in a gaming context as deities need to have some definition, however, I found a way around it for Tòlnar, so we will see. I really would like to figure out a way to make it very esoteric and philosophical – so any ideas are welcome.

The green region (E), is again kinda open. Going with the whole Indo-China idea, I am thinking of having two coexisting yet somewhat contending religions here (Hinduism & Buddhism historically). Or maybe each realm follows one of the two religions and thus religious and political conflict become one and the same.

A lot of thought still needed for this region.

And finally for region F (the brown region). Again, going with the already established ideas for Ninshon, the religion of this region is an animistic/shamanistic one, dealing with nature and ancestor spirits. Not sure exactly how to translate that into D&D character class terms, but there are enough ideas out there, including the excellent Shamans book from years ago, which I have always wanted to incorporate, perhaps meshing it with the Shaman rules for the 2nd edition Player’s Choice books.


Any way, that is where I am at right now with the religious landscape of Djapar. As with everything, this is all subject to change, quite possibly massive change.



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