First ideas on Djapar

Well I have started thinking about what to put on the neighbouring continent of Djapar, and so far this is what I have come up with. This is very preliminary and is subject to change.

Rough Cultures of Djapar.
Rough Cultures of Djapar.

A. A culture based on Arab/Persian model, maybe borrowing heavily from the al-Qadim campaign setting
B. Some sort of Levantine and/or Mesopotamian inspired culture
C. Something inspired by ancient Egypt. This one I am not happy about, but will go with it for now.
D. A Rajput type Indian culture
E. Either South Indian or maybe Indo-Chinese type culture
F. Something inspired by the Berber culture of North Africa


As I said, these are all preliminary ideas, mostly just a starting point.


2 thoughts on “First ideas on Djapar

  1. On C, would something Greco-Egyptian be more to your liking? Perhaps a mix of the Ptolemaic Kingdom and the Seleucid Empire for cultures? Though that perhaps runs to close to B depending on how you envision them.


    • Actually that’s a really good idea. And yeah, perhaps some sort of over all Diadochi sort of thing might work for more areas as well, nd could also give some flesh to the history.


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