Church Hierarchies

Along with the political structures and hierarchies, there are the ecclesiastical ones, so I set out to figure those out. In this case I detailed the hierarchy of the Ecumenical Suùšite church.

The first step was to decide on the basic structure of the hierarchy. I decided th

Primates of the Ecumenical Suùšite Church
Primates of the Ecumenical Suùšite Church

at both Suùšite churches (Ecumenical and Autocephalous) both had a similar hierarchy, and so I went to the description given in the Losòmìkur article, which gives us the following basic structure: Primate, Grand Prelate, High Prelate, and Prelate. This basic structure is existent in both churches, with the Autocephalous church having several co-equal High Primates while the Ecumenical church has a single Archprimate.

Having based the Dòkràkr on a list of the states of the Holy Roman Empire on Wikipedia, I already had various ecclesiastical states on my list of states, so I already had a good starting point. I marked each of those states on a temporary layer on my master map and then roughed out the extent of each of those realms on the map, giving me the following map.

1.00 Resò, Primate of
2.00 Durm, Lord Primate of
3.00 Kòrzbèrs, Lord Primate of
4.00 Srusùsursu, Primate of
5.00 Fauros, Primate of
6.00 Lausòem, Lord Primate of (Archprimate)
7.00 Kòemz, Lord Primate of
8.00 Srear, Lord Primate of
9.00 Rukderda, Primate of
10.00 Ròskmaug, Primate of

It is important to note here that this map does not imply that the Ecumenical church is dominant in those regions, only that they have appointed hierarchs, much as the Catholic church has bishops and arch bishops in the US without it being the dominant church.

What I then did for each of the marked Primacies was to count the number of states (not provinces, some

Grand Prelates of the Ecumenical Suùšite Church
Grand Prelates of the Ecumenical Suùšite Church

of the states are single provinces, but others vary from 2-8 provinces). From there I chose a number of states that divided into the total nicely, generally between 5 and 7, depending on the total. I then marked out those blocks of states giving me the following result. [Insert ES GP Map.jpg]















The next step was to arrange the various levels into a nice usable list, looking like this:

1.00 Resò, Primate of Ib-09.1
1.01 Vukaròmèò, Grand Prelate of Vr-04.0
1.011 Dòkem, High Prelate of Vr-03.0
1.0111 Surdbars, Prelate of Vr-01.1
1.0112 Zvemsambars, Prelate of Vr-01.2
1.0113 Dòkem, High Prelate of Vr-03.1
1.0114 Rušamdurk, Prelate of Vr-03.2
1.012 Kakdrambèrs, High Prelate of Vr-02.0
1.0121 Obsxàmòkr, Prelate of Vr-02.1
1.0122 Jameka, Prelate of Vr-02.2
1.0123 Berdamô, Prelate of Vr-02.3
1.0124 Kakdrambèrs, High Prelate of Vr-02.4
1.013 Vukaròmèò, Grand Prelate of Vr-04.0
1.0131 Vukaròmèò, Grand Prelate of Vr-04.1
1.0132 Àmrôkam, Prelate of Vr-04.2
1.0133 Srajeku, Prelate of Vr-04.3
1.0134 Vamsòvurek, Prelate of Vr-04.4
1.014 Sixruv, High Prelate of Vr-05.0
1.0141 Karom, Prelate of Vr-05.1
1.0142 Bebrek, Prelate of Vr-05.2
1.0143 Kèrser, Prelate of Vr-05.3
1.0144 Sixruv, High Prelate of Vr-05.4
1.02 Arkrom, Lord Grand Prelate of Ib-04.1
1.021 Domzes, High Prelate of Ib-01.0
1.0211 Dimòbèrs, Prelate of Ib-01.1
1.0212 Rukešam, Prelate of Ib-01.2
1.0213 Domzes, High Prelate of Ib-02.1
1.0214 Môsòrd, Prelate of IB-03.1
1.022 Arkrom, Lord Grand Prelate of Ib-04.1
1.0221 Arkrom, Lord Grand Prelate of Ib-04.1
1.0222 Rarekuèrs, Prelate of Ib-04.2
1.0223 Arambèrs, Prelate of Ib-05.1
1.0224 Kasavurd, Prelate of Ib-05.2
1.0225 Bôkda, Prelate of Ib-05.3

Please note that this is just a sample of the list, the actual one is much larger, having 2435 entries.

I have decided that the various Autocephalous Suùšite has a similar structure with some overlap (particularly in the Primacy of Srusùsursu, of which there are 2, one Ecumenical and one Autocpehalous).

At this point I have not decided what sort of hierarchy, if any, the other churches have.


If anybody is interested in how much time this exercise took, well it took about 2 weeks of working on it for the best part of each day… I never said that world design wasn’t going to take a lot of time.






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