Dekmekom Weapons

Dekmekom Weapons & Equipment

Dekmekom warriors wear studded leather armour and spiked gauntlets (Romkrôkar). Blades also employ spiked bucklers (Bakriszar), while Shields use a larger bladed shields (Dremsakrerd).

Male Blades wield a sickle sword (Kekrarkvars) and a smaller sickle knife (Dràmakvars), while female Blades wield a parrying spear (Kvarkrerd) and a short stabbing spear (Draemkvàk). All Blades are also equipped with a powerful longbow known as a great bow (Srukbusam).

Male Shields wield a sickle sword and females wield the short spear.

Each triad fights as a unit, with the Shields tasked with protecting the Blade.


DremsakrerdBladed Shield (Dremsakrerd [DREHM-sahk-rerd] “sword shield”): The Dremsakrerd is a medium shield with a long sword-like blade extending out in line with the forearm. Proficient users can use the weapon to attack and defend at the same time (non-proficient users cannot). It confers a +1 AC bonus against up to 3 opponents and gives a +2 to block or parry attempts.

RomsbusamGreat bow (Srukbusam [sruk-BUH-sahm]): The Srukbusam is a powerful compound recurve longbow measuring 6′-7′ in length with a pull of 130 lbs or more. It fires large arrows over 4 feet long, which come in a number of specialized varieties.

KvarkrerdParrying Spear (Kvarkrerd [KVAHRK-rerd] “spear shield”): This weapon is designed for parrying, it consists of a small spiked shield attached to a short spear with a blade on either end. This is functionally a double weapon, allowing the wielder to fight with it as if fighting with two weapons. This weapon gives a +2 bonus to any attempts to block or parry, and in the hands of a proficient user it confers a +1 AC bonus against 2 opponents.

DraemkvakShort Spear (Draemkvàk [drah-ehm-KVAYK] “small spear”): The kvàk is a short-hafted spear with a two-foot shaft with a large, broad blade one foot long. It is used as a stabbing weapon during melee attacks.DramakvarsSickle Knife (Dràmakvars [DRAY-mah-kvars] “small sword”): This is a smaller version of the Grukkvars, with a blade 25-30 cm long. GrukkvarsSickle Sword (Grukkvars [GRUHK-kvahrs] “large sword”: The Grukkvars has 50–60 cm (20–24 inches) blade that curves midway along its length to form a sickle-like curve. The blade is only sharpened on the outside portion of the curved end. This weapon provides a +1 inherent bonus to trip attacks.BakriszarSpiked Buckler (Bakriszar [BAHK-ris-zahr] “protector”): The bakriszar is a small shield worn on the forearm. It is equipped with a spike which can be used as a weapon. Being small, it only confers a +1 AC bonus against a single opponent.

RomkrokarSpiked Gauntlet (Romkrôkar [rom-KROY-kahr] “hand blade”): A romkrôkar is a thick leather glove with small spikes or blades along the knuckles. Wearing a romkrôkar converts an unarmed attack into an armed attack. Monks may not use their unarmed attack bonus with these weapons. When using a romkrôkar you cannot be disarmed.

TABLE 1: Derkmekom weapon stats

Name Type Cost Damage Weight Properties
Bladed Shield (Dremsakrerd) Martial Melee 15 1d6 piercing 10 Heavy

Special: Proficient users can attack and get the AC benefit (others do one or the other); +1 to Knockdown in a Shield-Rush; +2 to Block; AC Benefit is +1 (+3 if proficient) vs. any 3 frontal or flank Opponents

Great Bow (Srukbsam) Martial Ranged 75> 1d10 piercing 3 Ammunition, (Range: 150/600), heavy, two-handed
Parrying Spear (Kvarkrerd) Martial Melee 15 1d6 Piercing 10 Finesse

Special: +2 to block; acts as a small shield (+1 AC vs. 2 opponents/Rnd) for Proficient user

Short Spear (Draemkvàk) Simple Melee 2 1d8 piercing 1 Light, Thrown (range: 20/60)
Sickle Knife (Dràmakvars) Simple Melee 10 1d6 slashing 4 Light, finesse
Sickle Sword (Grukvars) Martial Melee 15 1d8 slashing 7
Spiked Buckler (Bakriszar) Martial Melee 3 1d3 piercing 3 Light, Finesse

Special: +1 AC vs 1 opponent

Spiked gauntlet (Romkrôkar) Simple Melee 10 1d4 piercing, bludgeoning 2

Image sources

Bladed Shield (Dremsakrerd):

Longbow (Romsbusam):

Parrying Spear (Kvarkrerd):

Short Spear (Draemkvàk):

Sickle Knife (Dràmakvars):

Sickle Sword (Grukvars):

Spiked Buckler (Bakriszar):

Spiked Gauntlet (Romkrôkar):



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