Climate, part 2

Picking up from where I left off in this post, in order to finalize the effective climate of each province, I went through my master province list and adjusted the climate to match the effective climates roughed out in the earlier post’s map. Defining those provinces that were split between two climates as one or the other.

Then I redid the effective Climate map, province by province, adjusting things where there were unworkable bulges or things sticking out too far. This is a back and forth process, as when I changed something on the map, I also changed it on my master list.

Once that was done, I went over the map again, smoothing the edges of each climate zone for aesthetic purposes, and then marked out the effective climate of the oceans, and so ended up with the following final map:

Final Effective Climate
Final Effective Climate

NOTE: These final climate ratings are used to determine the local weather and the maximum levels of the provinces, but not the seasons, which are still dictated by the generic climate zones shown in the first map of the previous post on climates.


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