Just an update and a screw up.

So, while getting the climate of each province sorted out, it became apparent to me that I had kind of screwed up. It appears that I had put my reptilian race in a sub-arctic climate — oops.

However, since the theoretical purpose of this blog is to demonstrate the record the process of world building for an RPG, I figured this would be a learning opportunity sort of thing, because these sorts of screw-ups will happen (more on limiting them later in this post).

Now faced with this problem I have a number of option

  1. Ignore it and just use the “it’s magic” excuse
  2. Change the climate of the region
  3. Change the race

Solution #1 is OK when you find the problem in a middle of a game session, well it’s not OK, but you don’t have a lot of choice, unless you want to kill the game  session and pick it up next session after a rushed rewrite.

Solution #2 is also OK, unless you are sort of lazy about things like I am. Changing the climate would entail reworking the ocean currents and such, which might entail a lot of other changes.

So that leaves us with solution #3. the problem with which is that I lose a cool race, unless I an stick it somewhere else. AHA! there’s the answer. I will just switch them with the leopard-men types. This puts my reptilians in the tropics, and the sub-arctic lands have a feline type race, which works. I just have to change them from a leopard based one to a more climate-appropriate feline base. That really just requires finding a new picture, and a slight rewrite of each race. So, based upon my previously mentioned laziness, that is the route I am going to take.

Now, the promised way to avoid to many such screw ups. This is easy: Be more methodical than I am.

From the order in which I have posted things, it should be obvious that I do not have a methodical approach to world design, working on things as the interest strikes me (at the moment I am working on the climate, languages, and the pantheon). This works great for me, but it may not be the best idea, because you end up doing a lot of fixing as things develop. Personally, I don’t have an issue with this, because, well I love the shit out of doing this sort of thing, and now that I am retired, it’s pretty much what I spend all my free time doing, but it may bug the bejabbers out of some of you who have less free time available to you. So, the way to avoid it is to work from the ground up. And since the whole design process is the theoretical point of this blog, I am going to change my approach.

Instead of just posting things here as I think them up, I will be making a separate site for that, and will use this blog more for discussing the processes used, and some tips and tricks I have come up with over the last 40-odd years of making up worlds for D&D. This will make this a more useful blog for the casual reader and less of just a vanity “look how cool my stuff is” project (but I get to keep that stuff as well, just in another place).

So, with that in mind, over the next few days I will be transferring most of the Tòlanar-specific stuff to another site, and then sort of starting this blog over, focusing more closely on the original intent of it — how to make your own setting, using Tòlanar as the example of the various steps and such. As for the Tòlanar-specific stuff I post on the new site, I will make a post to announce that stuff here in this blog as I post it to the other site (yes, with circles and arrows and links and all!) so those of you who are following this blog for that purpose will not miss out, and the rest of you will not get bogged down in things that don’t interest you.

Well that’s it for this update, I will get started on all this later today, but for now I have to head off for my eldest son’s birthday. He is 21 today — which freaks me the Hell out, as there is no way it could have been that long ago he was born. Time doesn’t just fly, it does so at hyper-sonic speeds when viewed in retrospect! Enjoy your kids at the age they are now, because it will not last.


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