Major Religions of Tòlanar


The religions of Tòlanar share a common pantheon of 70 odd divine or quasi divine entities, many with overlapping, duplicate and conflicting portfolios and natures. They share a common theogony and creation myth; which starts with the god Yazilìa as the universal uncreated demiurge and thus they are all classified as Yazilìic religions.

Predominant Yazilìic sects.
Predominant Yazilìic sects.

In this theogony, Yazilìa causes the universe to come into being through the agency of a number of quasi divine beings that are more amorphous deifications of concepts and such than actual deities. The final act of creation is the emergence of the four great deities, three goddesses (Sìas, Ùs, and Ursur; collectively known as the “Divine Triad”) and one god (Ìasu), with whom they all bear children who are the gods of the pantheon.

The religions can be broken into three basic categories: Yazilite, Triadic, and Ìasite.


Traditionally founded 5410 years ago

The Yazilite church worships Yazilìa as the only true deity and views all the others as mere manifestations of Yazilìa’s many aspects, or even as simply angelic creatures of some sort. This cult has long since been superseded by the Triadic and Ìasite beliefs and outside of its land of origin it no longer constitutes more than a small minority of worshippers who are scattered throughout the continent in isolated communities. Yazilites are viewed with distrust by the others, and are often subjected to persecutions, pogroms, and forced conversions.


These churches, who make up the overwhelming majority of all believers, believe that while Yazilìa is the ultimate creator, it is the subsequently created gods who exercise authority over creation. The various denominations differ over their interpretation of which of the various divine lineages take precedence, and therefore exercise the supreme authority.


The various Irhilùrite, Suùšite, and Szasite sects are termed Triadic cults in that they believe that the authority over creation has passed through one of the Divine Triad, their differences being based on which of the three they deem to be the senior.


The Irhilùrite church was founded 116 years ago.

The Irhilùrite Church, along with the Syasuan Szasite Church, is a Sìasian sect in that it teaches that Sìas is the firstborn of the divine triad, and so authority descends through her. These two sects differ as to which of Sìas’ two daughters takes precedence, with the Irhilùrites believing that Zušyaurù is the senior, and that the authority now rests with her daughter Irhilùru and her children Faťur and Fasùhu.


The Suùšite church was founded 1650 years ago, with the breach between the Ecumenical and Autocephalous branches dating back to within the first century or two thereafter, and the definitive break coming some 600 years ago.

The Suùšite Church holds that Ursur is the senior of the Triad, and that the authority over creation has passed through her to her son Suùš.

The Suùšite Church is divided into two main branches; the Ecumenical Suùšite Church, which recognizes the Archprimate of Lausòem as the supreme head of the Church; and the various Autocephalous Suùšite Churches, which reject the Archprimate’s claim to universal primacy and hold that each Primate is the fully autonomous head of an independent church.


There are two Szasite sects; the Ùsite branch which dates back 133 years, and the Syasuan which was founded two years later.

The Szasite Churches hold that the divine authority rests in the line descending from Szasu. The two branches of this school are the Ùsite and Syasuan Szasite Churches. The Ùsite church holds that Ùs is the senior of the Triad, and that the divine authority passes through her to her son Szasu, and thus on to his descendants. The Syasuan church, like the Irhilùrite church believe that Sìas is the senior of the Triad, but they hold that it is Syasu who is the senior of Sìas’ two daughters, and that the authority therefore passes to her son (Szasu) through her, rather than through her consort Suùš.


The Ìasite church was founded 1028 years ago.

The Ìasite Church believes that Ìasu himself is the firstborn, and therefore senior to the Triad, and that he, as the ancestor of all the gods is the ultimate ruler of creation.

Here is a link to a full sized version of the map of the various regions of Tòlanar.


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