Welcome to my worlds

Hi everybody, my name is Bob, and welcome to my worlds….

I started running D&D games back in 1977, and back then you had to make your own world because there wasn’t really anything available in the way of a published setting available. And I found that I really enjoyed doing it, making the world, that is, so, since sub-creation was such fun, I have always run my games in worlds of my own creation (and there have been a lot of them over the years).

However, they were always made for a running campaign and so were built piecemeal and under time pressure (the guys were coming over on Sunday), and to suit the needs of the game at the moment, and thus they were never all that coherent, nor was any of them ever finished. And a lot of the places were only roughed out or merely an idea, often pretty vague (“gnolls live here” sort of thing).

A few months back, somebody suggested that I should sit down and design a complete setting, and since I was at a loss for a project at the time, I decided to give it a go. To sit down and create an entire setting that was coherent and fully fleshed out. Since the Birthright system is my particular interest and I had been making maps of the continents of that world, I decided to flesh out one of the other continents. In the end I decided on Tollanar.

Well the process is moving along nicely, and I thought it might be interesting for people to be able to follow the process as I worked on it.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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